The Electronic Music Industry

The Electronic Music industry is valued at $7.2 billion

The dance industry consists of festivals, clubs, earnings of DJs & artists, recorded music, hardware, software, merchandising, and gaming. Finding its origins in both North America and Europe in the late ’80s, the industry continues to mature and has become a global force to be reckoned with.

The Netherlands is the DRIVING force in electronic music

Over the past decade, the Netherlands has become the supplier of 70% of the world’s top 15 DJs. It’s not just local talent that makes this tiny country a major player in the electronic music industry: its 1100 festivals annually draw over 20 million visitors. Combined with world-renowned music productions and streams, it totals up to an export revenue* of € 270 million (*2019).

Our House will be located in Amsterdam, also home to the world’s most iconic international electronic music conference. The Amsterdam Dance Event hosts 400.000 visitors from 150 countries.